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Seatrade Cruise Review  is a highly respected quarterly publication providing reports on the latest developments, innovations, key regions and sectors, industry personalities and interviews with top executives from all the global cruise community which is read by key industry decision makers as part of its extensive 6,000+ global circulation, including cruise lines, ports, destinations tourism, shipyards, regulatory bodies, suppliers, travel agents and partners.

Alongside the quarterly Review, Seatrade produces specialist publications focusing regionally and by industry sector, together with yearbooks, contract publishing for ship and product launches, anniversaries and corporate brochures.

Seatrade Cruise Review December Issue

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Official Publication at the world's leading industry events

Seatrade Middle East Cruise Forum

13-14 December 2016
Abu Dhabi

Seatrade Cruise Global

13-16 March 2017
Fort Lauderdale

Seatrade Europe

6-8 September 2017
Hamburg, Germany

Seatrade Cruise Asia pacific

Coming soon in 2017